Founded in 2005, Callosum began as a full-service branding firm with the goal of producing innovative, functional and beautifully designed branding. Finding a consistent disconnect between brand materials and staff brand portrayal, the company added a staff professional development division in 2007, and the People-First Branding premier service in 2009. Consulting on leadership skills, executive presence, wardrobe/grooming, speaking skills and business etiquette, Callosum helps companies and their employees bring brands to life.

Key to our success has been the decision to remain small. This allows us to deliver the high level of service, impeccable quality, agile responsiveness and revenue-impactful ideas that save time, money and drive sales. We hold a keen client-centric perspective for a true partnership. We are passionate about what we do. The testimonials speak for themselves.

About Callosum
Callosum believes relationships are the cornerstone to building a business and reaching your professional and personal goals. Each and every time you and your staff come in contact with a person, an opportunity exists to build relationships and loyalty, promote your brand message and strategically expand your network. Capitalizing on these opportunities can occur only when you are prepared. 

By weaving together strategies on best practices in traditional marketing; branding, social marketing and personal branding. By understanding the power these mediums have for connecting you with your audiences. By knowing that marketing has moved from communication to two-way conversations. And by realizing those conversations are only successful when they lead to conversion — motivating a desired action or outcome.

We take the broad view.
Our experience is deep. Our expertise is wide. We’ve worked in entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 tiers with industries across the spectrum. So we pull from an equally broad pool of backgrounds and know-how. We’ve also sat on both sides of the table, with years spent as staff marketers and in marketing agencies. We know the challenges that each side of the relationship can face — and we always keep that in mind as we seek to be true partners in your organization.

We stick around.
We’re not just strategists. We’re implementers. Rather than dropping a plan in your lap and vanishing, we are often asked to put that plan in place. We believe the architects of a plan are the best equipped to build a structure that is sound by working from the ground up to create conversations that drive revenue.

We’re the right size for you.
As a virtual personal branding consultancy, Callosum has the agility to build service teams comprised of only the best and brightest in every impact area. Leveraging a Rolodex built over decades of experience in varied industries, we assemble the best-in-class teams, including coaches, writers, designers and researchers. Under the guidance of a Senior Consultant, we assign talented people to your project because they are best suited to meet and exceed your expectations. What does that mean for you? You get solutions devised by a tailor-made team that expands and contracts according to your needs. And you pay for solutions, not the cost of overhead.

What does Callosum mean? Corpus Callosum [n. pl. corpa cal•lo•sa] is the arched bridge of nervous tissue that connects the two cerebral hemispheres, allowing communication between the right and left sides of the brain. || Callosum approaches the branding process with function and design in mind.