Have Clare Hefferren present at your next event.

Clare Hefferren is a pioneer in understanding the human element of branding. While engaging audiences, she combines the branding mind set with positive and strategic action to make your company’s biggest investment, its staff, become its most important and impactful resource.  In these challenging times, Hefferren offers a fresh, optimistic viewpoint on achieving success and demonstrates how to reach corporate goals, improve retention and set an upward trajectory ROI by increasing the quality of leadership within an organization. Learn about Clare.
Our curriculum centers on building relationships through sharpening inter-personal skills. In addition to the below favorite client topics, all training modules may be converted into speaker engagements.
  • Business Networking 101
  • Elevator Speech Training
  • Social Media Strategy and Set-Up
  • Linkedin: Building Your Professional & Personal Network
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • The Human Side Of Branding
  • Image & Presence: How Are You Showing Up?”
  • How To Maximize Your Presence And Influence With Personal Style
  • Developing Your Executive Presence: A New Year, A New You