Have you given consideration to your personal brand (an adult word for reputation)? Like it or not, we each have one. It began at birth and has grown as a reflection of your personality and actions. The question is how is it working for you? In this private one-hour session you will:

  • Understand the how to and the value of creating a personal brand
  • Determine your value within your professional organization? (Are you a ‘must have’ or a ‘nice to have’?)
  • Understand the importance of personalizing a communication style
  • Develop a personal brand statement, personal brand strategy and individual development plan inclusive of short and long term goals
  • Create an introductory statement and personalized elevator pitch

Session includes templates:

  • Digital client assessment
  • Personal Brand Individual Development Plan
  • Brand Alignment Template
  • Networking introductory statement
  • 7-second elevator pitch
  • Current story share
  • Self Evaluation Worksheet

Looped e-learning: Following strategy session, you will receive 4 bi-weekly installments via email. Email lesson is designed to take 15 minutes to complete. This learning tool strengthens your new skill set and ensures your investment has long lasting results.

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