Callosum believes relationships are the cornerstone to building a business and reaching your professional and personal goals. Each and every time you and your staff come in contact with a person, an opportunity exists to build relationships and loyalty, promote your brand message and strategically expand your network. Capitalizing on these opportunities can occur only when you are prepared through personal branding. You may engage with Callosum teams in three fashions: Group training, individual consultation and speaking engagements.


  • Group Account and Sales Team Training
  • Group High-Potential and Leadership Training
  • Group Internal Branding – staff engagement programs
  • Group Youth Development
  • Individual Consultation

Group Programs and Training: “Can you believe their staff acts like that?”  This comment usually comes from a dissatisfied customer who then magnifies their experience by telling numerous others.  Callosum wants to make sure your company is not on the receiving end of such comments by helping transform your staff into company brand ambassadors.While many companies heavily invest in traditional marketing and brand development, they often leave their primary front-line customer interface—their staff—out of the development loop.  Through programs, workshops and coaching in leadership development, executive presence, wardrobe/grooming, speaking skills and business etiquette, Callosum’s People-First Branding strategy helps businesses achieve increased client retention, improved customer experiences, and enhanced brand value.

Our curriculum includes the areas of leadership developmentexecutive presencewardrobe/groomingspeaking skills, and business etiquette. Callosum tailors services along a sliding scale of immersion (complexity, duration and delivery) based on client needs for male and female participants.  In addition to core People-First Branding, Callosum partners to offer targeted off-ramping, on-boarding and leadership development programs and will ‘activate’ client-facing resources to help support client relationships and revenue generation.

Individual Consultation: Does the way you want to be known match the way the world perceives you?  At Callosum we believe you need to ‘Take Yourself to Work” each day by making sure your personality shows up in your image, allowing people to know who you really are and view you as a leader in your company.When you align who you ARE with what you DO, you’ll attract the opportunities you wish for and will be remembered long past the first impression you make. Through strategy sessions, wardrobe consultations and voice coaching in one-on-one and small group settings, Callosum’s People-First Branding strategy helps individuals create a consistent, polished and memorable image that is aligned with their personal lifestyle goals.Callosum tailors services based on client needs and helps individuals get noticed (for all the right reasons) at work, align their external image with their internal personality, learn how to better use their time and budget to invest in themselves, and manage their professional image during life transitions (i.e. change of jobs, marriage, parenthood).