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TV8 Vail’s Mark Sassi and Clare Hefferren chat on Labor Day about Callosum client, Eagle Valley Events’ inaugural “Top Shelf Harvest” – Sept 27th in Vail, CO.







Thank you Chris Romer and Vail Valley Partnership for the interview on KZYR talk show “Partnership Perspectives”. Comparing and contrasting the perspectives of a small business, Callosum, with a large business, US Bank, in the Vail Valley community lends to discussion. How does your company fix or adapt to the current market environment? Listen here: – August 2014







Clare Hefferren: Vail Arts Festival for client, Eagle Valley Events – June 2014


Clare Hefferren: Schuesse for client, Vista Bahn Ski Rentals – Feb. 2014


Clare Hefferren: CSPA Keynote 2011

Keynote speaker, Clare Hefferren, delivers the importance of personal branding at the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) — Aerosol Division, Annual Conference. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. To transform staff into brand ambassadors who deliver consistent, polished, and memorable client communication and interaction stop by


Clare Hefferren: Robertson Lowstuter Roundtable 2011

In transition or feeling invisible? Keynote speaker, Clare Hefferren, teaches in transition executives at Robertson Lowstuter how to build a Personal Brand that’s consistent, polished and memorable, resulting in confidence, professional gain and reduced stress.

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