Meet Corporate Service/Product-Based Client US Cellular:  Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Staff

The Challenge:  Strengthening individual and organizational capabilities is key to helping companies develop strong leaders and improve both internal and external relationships.  “Without a means of improving staff confidence in presence and delivery methods, internal and external relationships can be strained,” says Clare Hefferren.  “Like many large corporations, our client needed to create ongoing support for potential leadership candidates, giving executives positive work/life balance solutions that would increase employee loyalty and enthusiasm and eventually help the company become more efficient.”

Callosum Service Purchased: This client purchased Callosum’s customized Leadership Development & Executive Presence Program which includes communication style and image assessments, group educational sessions, ongoing one-on-one executive coaching, off-site wardrobe/grooming consultation, and one-on-one consultation in developing personal brand.

The Strategy:  The multi-faceted coaching and development approach began with an assessment of each participant’s communication style and image.  This allowed Callosum to create a customized development program per individual participant as well as create the topics for the monthly group educational sessions.  “The facilitated sessions included educational content, Q&A, and pre-session, one-on-one power coaching appointments,” adds Hefferren. Topics included:

  • Communication—Basic body language, vocal emphasis, active and visual listening, assertiveness vs. aggressiveness, use of voice and language
  • Wardrobe/Grooming Image–Figure and color education, dos and don’ts of business casual, building a time and budget efficient professional wardrobe
  • Business Etiquette–Person to person etiquette skills, networking and meal skills

One-on-one executive coaching sessions were focused on communication style and non-verbal cues and all participants learned how to develop a unique signature style that aligned with their respective personalities and were appropriate for the leadership position held.  “Skill sets were built and resources provided to maintain a healthy work/life balance,” adds Hefferren.

Results: Several key individual and organizational goals were achieved during this program including:

  • Audience perception shift, respect and admiration
  • Self-value and confidence of role is present
  • Leaders speak as mature, professional and credible
  • Gratitude for corporation investment in their personal growth is strong
  • Loyalty, enthusiasm and efficiency for work and life have returned
  • Teams are functioning with decreased internal strain and external efficiency
  • Team member respect of management has increased
  • Executive leader delegates with confident accountability and ownership of projects
  • Unleashed staff full potential

[This program was a joint delivery with Josette Goldberg Coaching.]