Meet Service-Based Corporate Client Beta Boutique:  Standing Out in a Crowd of Retailers

The Challenge:  A service-oriented retailer was seeking new ways to increase revenue, expand client base and widen marketing reach.  “The client’s current materials portrayed the company as an unpolished retail environment and didn’t match the retailer’s actual stellar business model,” says Clare Hefferren.  In a tightening economy, this retailer faced reduced profits, owner burnout and an inevitable slow grind to closure.  “We needed to find a way for this client to stand out.”

Callosum Service Purchased:  Callosum brought an integrated approach to resolve this retailer’s challenges which included identifying and addressing changes with people, materials and space.

 The Strategy:

People: Hired as a stylist, Callosum addressed shopper and staff improvements by bringing its wardrobe and personal branding to the mix.  This included assisting the shoppers through education in body shape, colors and creating smart wardrobes. Client customers were additionally offered to attend a workshop on Personal Style in A Professional Setting and Smart Shopping with Time and Money Efficiency.  “It was important for us to not only educate customers, but to make them feel pampered,” adds Hefferren.

Callosum also created a staff development board providing quarterly trend reports with suggested implementation, body tips and customer service reminders to increase customer retention.

Materials: “The existing brand image was stagnant,” says Hefferren. Callosum transitioned print materials to a revised color palette and developed a calendar of consistent quarterly promotions and events. Events were marketed through several channels.

Space: Callosum addressed both retail floor and staff areas. Additional merchandising pieces were added to highlight merchandise and exterior and interior window displays were upgraded and updated on a quarterly basis. The checkout area was merchandised to season and promotions and office operations were assessed and streamlined for customer tracking, ease of inventory processing and organization.

Results: With the assistance of the Callosum project management integrated approach [marketing materials, staff training and management, vendor processing], the retailers 2-day semi-annual event resulted in over two months of retail revenue. Shoppers appreciated the complimentary styling services and have spread the word to friends of the gems found at the retailer.  “The owner is re-engaged in her business and the new customer services and better educated sales staff have increased sales and sales team moral,” says Hefferren.  “Staff is more effective and enthusiastic, shoppers walk away feeling relief from stressful shopping with extra cash in their wallets.”