Meet Kim:  Getting Your Outside Appearance to Reflect Your Inside Values

The Challenge:  Juggling a demanding advertising agency career and her new married life, Kim (age 28 of Generation Y) was ready for her outside appearance to reflect the way she was feeling inside:  confident, witty, and sharp.  “In getting to know Kim, it became very clear that she’s a real go-getter with internal sass and an eye for fun,” says Clare Hefferren.  “We needed to bring this internal pizzazz to the outside, but keep the over-the-top preference palatable for a professional environment.”   With the help of Callosum, Kim would be able to define her personal style, learn how to strategically buy items to create versatile outfits, and stand out in a competitive office environment.  “We needed to help Kim transition from the teenager that graduated from college years ago to the woman she is now,” added Hefferren.

Callosum Service Purchased:  Kim purchased Callosum’s Seasonal Starter Kit which includes shape/color assessment, closet therapy, shared shopping, wardrobe wonders, and aftercare video consult.

Personal Brand:  Clever Prep.  Kim leans towards the classics, but admires creative details and over-the-top femininity,.  “We needed to raise the bar to dress for her age bracket, yet keep the spunky style she wanted to embody,” says Hefferren.  “We took her existing classics and ratcheted them up to a level ten to present her as the intelligent, witty gal she is.”

Shape: Combination of neat hourglass and triangle

Body Shape Lean HourglassBody Shape Pear Triangle


Skin Tone: Clear / Cool. Palette:

Color Palette Kim

Inspiration: The Devil Wears PradaClueless, Betsy Johnson


Muse:  Age is irrelevant to a point—it’s about the lifestyle you lead in conjunction with color and shape characteristics.  “It is unusual to find a muse with all three characteristics—similar skin tone, body shape, and personal style,” says Hefferren.  “In Kim’s case, we chose a combination of people to look towards for inspiration.”

  • Rachel Bilson for style and skin. Rachel is a true hourglass. She is petite and always highlights waist. She is known as a fashion maven – including having a column in Lucky magazine. She knows how to mix and match outfits to create a look that is both chic and approachable. She is a subdued mix of Betsey Johnson and Blair Waldorf.
  • Leighton Meester as “Blair Waldorf”in Gossip Girl for style and shape. Leighton’s character, Blair, is high fashion over-the-top prep and socialite. She celebrates eccentricity by selecting quirky prints and accessories and uses pops of color to bring outfits to life and keep it fresh. She integrates feminine details like lace, bows, ruffles and gravitates to structured items with fun details.  It’s a shift from vogue sophisticate to tongue-in-cheek witty.

Client Favorites:

  • Strategic Shopping List:  With an analytical personality, Kim embraced her strategic shopping list. A strategic shopping list is a go-to cloud -based Excel spreadsheet which organizes the necessary pieces to create a well-balanced wardrobe by prioritizing  items that align the client with their new personal brand. A living document, the file is updated regularly by consultant and client. View a samplestrategicshoppinglist.
  • Shared Shopping:  Kim is a believer in learning by doing. After an assessment consultation and closet session, we headed out to shop together with her strategic shopping list in hand. “I shopped and she shadowed – listening to me talk out loud why (and why not) I was selecting items,” adds Hefferren.  “With focused goals we shopped 7 stores in 3 hours and purchased 17 pieces off her list (and stayed in budget). How can you beat that for efficiency?”

Kim Speaks:

“My Paris work trip and Barcelona vacation went really well. The first Paris day was internal, so I wore the striped tee, chain and pearl necklace, Banana Republic black blazer (sleeves rolled up) and wide leg jeans, which my husband and I are big fans of. I presented wearing the cream sheer blouse, Zara navy blazer, Anthropology polka dot skirt and red tights. The red tights really set it off and I never would have thought to do that.  The tights, and whole outfit, got a lot of compliments. I picked up a few fun items in Paris. I’m actually wearing one today and was already complimented and got to say “Thanks, I got it in Paris,” which was very exciting.

Spain was also really fun and it turned out that packing for both work and play was fortuitous.  I never would have packed blazers for the trip, but they worked out really well because the weather was in the high 60s a lot and it was perfect to wear a tank and blazer and be comfortable without having to lug around a coat (and look way less ugly and American, thanks to my stylish blazer).  Great lesson learned.”

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