Meet Tricia:  Moving beyond Blending In and Becoming Memorable

The Challenge:  A senior-level corporate executive, Tricia was looking to continue and grow her successful career.  Challenged in making wise purchasing decisions, she often purchased incorrect items and looked disheveled due to incorrect size and silhouette.  “She was not memorable and was blending in,” says Clare Hefferren.  “She was seeking to create a sharp, memorable, financially-smart personal brand—one that reflected her successful career.”

Callosum Service Purchased:  A client for 4 years now, Tricia initially purchased Callosum’s Seasonal Starter Kit which includes wardrobe consultation, shape/color wardrobe creation and education, closet session, shopper outing, strategic shopper list and resource binder. She continues today to evolve her looks through the Annual Maintenance package.

Results:  In addition to saving thousands of dollars and spending less time in her closet getting ready for work, Tricia was admired by senior sales staff and soon secured a new senior sales position.  “She was defined as a top example of the ideal staff personal image,” adds Hefferren.  “She received consistent compliments on her image and appearance which made her memorable, even in a crowd.” Over the course of the her working with Callosum, she has changed jobs twice and been promoted at each transition – landing currently in a Regional VP position.