Like it or not, since the day you were born, you have been developing your own Personal Brand and it has become a reflection of your personality and actions.   The question we have for you is…how’s it working for you? For a limited time, you can sign up for 30 minutes of our Personal Branding Coaching session for just $30.  During this private, 30-minute, power-coaching (Skype or phone) session you’ll:

  • Understand the how to and the value of creating a personal brand
  • Create a first draft Individual Development Plan (IDP) from a Personal Branding perspective – inclusive of short and long-term goals

Session includes templates:

  • Self Evaluation Worksheet
  • Personal Brand Individual Development Plan
  • Brand Alignment Template

*Prior to the session, you’ll take a preparatory self-evaluation assessment to build self-awareness and establish a baseline for the call.